Will we get a dedicated hospitalist at our facility?
Yes!  We design our programs so you will have a dedicated team of physicians and NP/PAs who will be primarily responsible for covering your hospital's hospitalist program.

What is the nighttime coverage model?
We have experienced NP/PAs working nights who are backed up by the physician who provided the daytime coverage.  That physician is also able to come in at night for patient emergencies or urgent situations.

Can we reduce the cost of our hospitalist program without negatively impacting coverage and quality?
Definitely!  We have pioneered several solutions that reduce your program costs while still providing complete coverage and great care. Solutions such as internal recruitment, shared-programs, joint-programs, NP/PA nighttime coverage, and tiered-pricing, all reduce program costs.

How quickly can you implement a hospitalist program?
Very fast!  But there are many factors that play a role in how quickly.  Variables such as recruitment time, licensing time, privileging time, and relocation time, all can add time to a "go live" date.  That is why we highly recommend beginning the process well in advance of your desired start date to allow enough time for these variables.

Will we get high-quality physicians?
Absolutely!  One advantage we have is we are a physician-owned company where physicians we employ have the opportunity to become partners in the company.  Plus our attractive salaries and work/life balance attract very good physicians to us.

How responsive to nursing calls are your hospitalists?
Extremely responsive!  We have a policy, and put it in writing in all our contracts, that our clinical staff will respond within 15 minutes.

What is your track record implementing and running hospitalist programs?
Outstanding!  Every one of our client hospitals can speak to how thrilled they are with our services.

What makes Hospital Care Group different from other hospitalist companies?
Several key things: 1. our intense focus on creating solutions that produce excellent results!
2. our innovation and ability to "tailor-fit" a hospitalist program to your needs.
3. our added focus on providing real value and cost-effectiveness.
4. our ability to keep sicker patients at your hospital.
5. our outstanding team who are committed to providing the very best care.

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