Khurrum Shaikh, M.D.
President and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Shaikh is the former Medical Director of the Parkview Regional Medical Center's Hospitalist Program in Fort Wayne, IN.  Dr. Shaikh started the Parkview Program in 2007, and was the key driver in building it into a major hospitalist service seeing over 120 patients per day at two large hospitals.  Dr. Shaikh is board certified in Internal Medicine and completed his residency at the Medical College of Ohio.  Dr. Shaikh holds a firm belief that high-quality, comprehensive hospital medicine should not be exclusive to large hospitals and tertiary centers.

 Mark Drapala, MHSA
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Drapala has over 25 years of executive leadership experience at hospitals in both the Midwest and West Coast.  He has been administratively responsible for hospitalist programs since 2007 and has implemented programs for both large and small hospitals.  Mark received his Masters degree from the University of Michigan.  Mark knows it takes real "value-based" innovation to meet the unique needs of hospitals and provide effective inpatient programs in a cost-effective way.

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