Hospitals Experiencing Significant Nursing Benefits From A Dedicated Hospitalist Program

As the Hospital Care Group (HCG) implements its innovative Hospitalist Programs in smaller hospitals in Indiana and Ohio, one of the biggest (and unexpected) positive returns on investment has been the huge impact a dedicated, full-service hospitalist program has on the hospital’s nursing staff.

Prior to HCG coming in, nursing staffs were often frustrated, spending large amounts of time tracking down admitting physicians to update a patient’s status or clarify orders.  Frequently, nurses were left waiting while patients and family members became increasingly upset, perceiving that care wasn’t being delivered in a timely manner.  Additionally, admitting physicians sometimes sped through their rounds so they could get back to their busy offices as quickly as possible, leaving little time for nurse interaction and training.    

This all changes when HCG brings in a dedicated hospitalist team that is available 24/7, provides outstanding customer service, and takes the time to interact with nurses.  HCG hospitalists use “Team Rounding” with nurses present to provide patient-centered care delivery.  Implementing a hospitalist program has virtually eliminated the lost time nurses spend tracking down physicians. This has resulted in nurses having more time to care for patients.  Nursing staffs have also reported numerous “other” benefits working side-by-side HCG hospitalists, including:

  • Greater learning opportunities for nurses
  • Increased nursing confidence when caring for sicker patients
  • Significantly improved nurses workflow
  • Quicker medication ordering, thus making them available to patients sooner
  • Greater collaboration and coordination with discharge planning
  • Improved documentation for medical necessity
  • Better coordination with Case Management

 All of which has made nursing staffs happier, more productive, and better able to provide high quality care to their patients. This has also positively impacted all-important HCAHPS scores. As one nursing leader has put it, “With HCG hospitalists here, everyday now feels like Christmas to my nurses!” 


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