Our Approach

Hospital Care Group

Cost-Effective. Value-Driven.

Our approach is simple: We work with you to custom-design a hospitalist program that fits your organization's needs and medical staff dynamics.

We design cost-effective and value-driven solutions that deliver high-quality patient care.

Keys to any Hospital Care Group engagement:

  • Transparency.
  • Implementation Speed.
  • Innovation.
  • Recruitment.
  • Excellence.


Creating Partnerships Built to Last.

We begin with an authentic conversation that helps us understand your needs and issues.  Then we analyze your metrics, assess your program potential, and develop one or more possible solutions tailored to meet your goals and requirements.

We believe transparency builds lasting trust, so our proposals and proformas show an accurate and complete picture of the cost to do business. There are no hidden fees or hidden agendas. We dialogue and contract with you, honestly and openly.


Our Implementation Speed is a Clear Market Advantage. 

We like to move fast.  Very fast.  Hospital Care Group is a nimble company, built on making decisive decisions, taking immediate action, and getting quick results.

We are built for speed - implementation speed. And in today's health care business environment, speed is a definitive market advantage.

Our normal turn-around time on program proposals is one week. And once the green light is given for a new program, we immediately begin the recruitment of your staff.  

We waste very little time when going from approval to program start date.


A True Leader in Innovative Hospitalist Solutions. 

Today, more than ever, those that innovate will win in the complex world of healthcare.

Innovation is at the heart of what the Hospital Care Group does.

Hospital Care Group

Key innovations we have brought to smaller hospitals include:

  • Sweeper Rounds

    NP/PAs who will come in and "sweep" your inpatient units after 5 pm for new admissions.

  • Tiered-Pricing

    Payment models where your monthly payment is consistent with the level of service provided.

  • Shared-Hospitalists

    Splitting staffing (and costs) between two hospitals.

  • Transitional Models

    Programs to fill gaps and help provide complete coverage.

  • Collaborative Rounding

    Hospitalist rounds with nursing and case management.

  • Always say "Yes!"

    A philosophy where we take all patients, and ask questions later.


An Employer of Choice for Physicians and NP/PAs.

Hospital Care Group is a physician-owned company that prides itself on being an employer of choice for physicians, mid-level providers, and clinical staff.

We know recruiting the very best clinicians is paramount to providing the very best patient care.

Hospital Care Group also understands that when physicians are also owners, there is greater engagement, commitment, and service, which means better results for your patients and organization.

Our attractive salaries, work schedules, and ownership potential means we often have highly qualified candidates seeking us out first.


We Strive for Excellence in Everything We Do.

At Hospital Care Group, we believe excellence is the only way. Excellence in the services we provide, excellence in the care we give, excellence in the way we communicate, and excellence in the way we conduct ourselves.

Every single Hospital Care Group employee signs our Standards of Behavior, committing themselves to excellence in all they do.

And excellence leads to superior performance in...

  • Patient care outcomes.
  • Patient satisfaction.
  • Core measures.
  • Nursing satisfaction.
  • Referring physician satisfaction.
  • Overall organizational performance!

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