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We understand the hospital medicine market like no other hospitalist company.  And we know what it takes for a hospitalist program to succeed!

That is why our hospitalist solutions are custom-designed to fit the unique needs of hospitals that may or may not have the volumes to support a full-time program.

Choose your hospitalist solution:

Limited Volume

Limited Volume Hospitalist Programs. 

When a hospital's inpatient volume doesn't require a full-time hospitalist program, then innovative solutions need to be put in place to ensure cost-effectiveness, while maintaining complete inpatient coverage.

Hospital Care Group has developed several innovative solutions to lower overall hospitalist program costs and still provide complete coverage and the very best care.

Hospital Care Group innovations that help lower costs include:

  • Shared-Hospitalist programs.
  • Physician-NP/PA Hospitalist models.
  • Tiered-Pricing payment structures.
  • Off-site nighttime coverage with Sweeper Rounds.

Full Time

Full-Time Hospitalist Programs

When inpatient volumes reach 15 or more patients per day on average, then the Hospital Care Group provides a full-time hospitalist team to your organization 24/7, 365 days a year.

Even with a full-time program in place, Hospital Care Group will utilize its innovative staffing models to custom-tailor a program that meets patient demand and is cost-effective.

Joint Program

Joint-Program Hospitalist Programs.

If you have an existing hospitalist program in place, but need additional hospitalists to provide complete coverage, then Hospital Care Group can help. We have the experience to come in and team-up with your existing hospitalist(s) to provide seamless, comprehensive coverage.

We will work within your program structure, or help you create a structure that is inclusive of your existing hospitalists.


Transitional Hospitalist Programs.

Sometimes it is not possible to immediately transition to a full-service hospitalist program.  Inpatient coverage may be in place, but limited, or existing physician practice patterns make it difficult to shift patients to a hospitalist service.

Hospital Care Group has the experience and expertise to come in and ease the transition to a robust and complete hospitalist service by:

  • Filling gaps in existing coverage.
  • Providing nighttime coverage.
  • Building strong relationships with referring physicians. 


Improves your Performance and ROI.

We know how to help make hospitals successful! Hospital Care Group has the knowledge and experience to increase your hospital's ROI through:

Fewer E.D. transfers

  • Keeping sicker patients at your hospital (improving CMI).
  • Increasing patient and referring physician satisfaction.
  • Reducing re-admissions.
  • Improving core measure performance.
  • Doing procedures and putting lines in.
  • Improving patient safety.
  • Improving quality of care (using best-practice protocols).

The impact of a Hospital Care Group Hospitalist Program
on your urban, rural, or critical access hospital can be substantial!

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